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Writesaver is Looking for Guest Posters!

Brand Author

Writesaver is looking for content writers interested in contributing to our blog. This is a great opportunity to put your content in front of a community of international business writers. If you’re passionate about your business and want to reach a new audience with your content, this is a chance you won’t want to miss.


To apply, just send a sample article to and the topic (or topics) you would be interested in writing about.


Our audience consists of primarily businesses and business content writers, so your content should be relevant to that audience, but other than that you can write about whatever you’d like! Your content should be useful, informative and provide value to our audience.


All submissions will be professionally proofread by our staff of native English speakers, so grammar or English fluency in writing isn’t an issue. Even if English isn’t your first language, we encourage you to submit your articles anyways, we’ll make sure they look great! Top articles will be posted on our social media channels and shared with our community.

Got questions? Reach out to and we’ll get back to you right away. You can find more information on the guidelines for articles below. Now start writing!


General Guidelines


Keep your articles professional and respectful. Your content will be distributed to our network of professional writers. They want to find content relevant to their craft and/or industry and not vague or highly opinionated content.

We do NOT accept:

  • Previously published content, so please submit your own original work. You may link to previously published content if it’s relevant to your article, but your article should contain new, original information.
  • Posts covering topics which already covered on the blog.
  • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights.
  • Overly promotional posts for your company or organization. Briefly explaining your company and what you do is ok in context, but this shouldn’t be the main topic of the post.
  • Offensive or inaccurate posts.

Topic Requirements

Our audience consists of primarily businesses and business content writers, so your content should be relevant to that audience. We are flexible on the topics we cover as long as the submissions are original helpful content.

Copy Requirements

The minimum length for an article is 500 words. Posts that are 1,500+ words have a better chance of getting published.
Your article should have an introduction, or a brief description of the article contents.
Your article should have a conclusion or takeaways.

Please observe all copyrights regarding the images: obtain permissions for use and cite the source.
Highlight two to three key ideas of your article as quotes (list them separately after the article).
Include your name, and a short (15 words) bio. Your bio will be displayed at the end of your article and can include a link to your site (Do-follow).

After You Submit an Article

We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. If your submission is accepted we will send you the proofread version of the article for final approval before publishing it. Otherwise, we will let you know if your article needs to be improved or if you’re breaking any of the guidelines mentioned above.

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