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The plan you choose depends on how many words you intend to write per month.
If you plan to write more than 3,500 words per month (about 10 pages of writing), you should choose the Professional plan.
If you plan on writing between 1,200 and 3,500 words per month (4-10 pages), choose the Basic plan.
If you plan on writing fewer than 1,200 words per month, we recommend buying words as needed via one-time purchases.
Business plan >3,500 words per month
Team plan 1,200-3,500 words per month
One-time purchase <1,200 words per month
Our minimum subscription term is at least two months, after which time you can cancel whenever you’d like for any reason. Your words will never expire. If you just have a single document and don’t have a consistent need for proofreading, the one-time purchase option will make sense for you, rather than a subscription plan.
If for any reason you are unhappy with a proofread document, just reach out to us at If there are issues in your document, we will re-edit it for you at no cost.
Our editors don’t just do a simple spelling and grammar check; they edit your writing so it sounds as though it were written by a native English speaker. This means rephrasing sentences that don’t sound right, replacing words that are used out of context with the right ones, correcting grammar, fixing punctuation, and more. All while keeping your original tone, meaning, and writing style intact.
Our clients are primarily businesses large and small from all over the world. They send us their blog posts, website text, sales emails, marketing messages and advertisements, business development emails and more. We have business clients in the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Panama, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belarus, Japan, Hong Kong, and numerous other countries, in industries from technology through travel agencies, in blockchain, ecommerce, digital marketing, legaltech, public relations and more.
Our clients also include students and PhD candidates who send us their research papers, job seekers looking for help with their resumes and cover letters, and many other people with many other document types.
Subscribing to Writesaver gives you significantly discounted rates on our proofreading services. Our Business plan gives you a per word discount of 46% versus our non-subscription pricing, while the Team plan gives you a 36% discount.
Subscribers also have access to priority editing, which means faster turnaround times on your documents.
If English isn’t your first language, chances are very good you have hidden mistakes in your writing, or use words and phrasing that would sound strange to a native speaker, even if you don’t realize it. In fact, we fix about 16 mistakes per 500 words for even C2 level non-native English speakers.
An analysis of websites created by non-native English speakers, which included software development firms, content marketing agencies, technology startups, IT companies, and others, showed the average site has 33 ‘significant’ mistakes on the main 4 pages (Home, About, Contact, and Pricing), and an addition 45 ‘moderate’ and ‘minor’ mistakes.
These mistakes don’t always affect the meaning of the text, but they do create a negative impression on viewers, while perfect English, especially from a company based outside the US and UK, exudes professionalism and competence, and seriously impresses potential customers.
Writesaver proofreaders are native English speakers from the US and UK. They hold degrees from top universities in a variety of disciplines, and have undergone a thorough testing and training process before being allowed to edit documents from our customers.
At Writesaver, we believe English language ability should no longer be a limit to having success in business. We strive to break down language barriers and allow anyone across the world to do have success doing business in English, and we want our service to be available and affordable to everyone.
As a result, we have the lowest prices you will find online, fast turnaround times, and top native English speaking editors. Unlike other services, our editors don’t simply fix grammatical and spelling mistakes, they dive into your writing and make it sound as though it were professionally written by a real native English speaker.


How it works

what you get

Add a native English speaker to your team

Editing that will not only be mistake-free, but will make your writing sound as though it were professionally written by a native English speaker.

Natural vocabulary choices in context

Our native English speaking editors understand what you’re trying to say in context, and will fix awkward or unnatural word choices and replace them with the perfect word.

Eliminate common sentence structure issues

Many writers use unnatural sentence structures and phrasings in their writing. This can make your writing more difficult to read and understand. Our editors fix these issues and clarify your writing.

Priority editing for subscribers

Subscription customers get access to priority editing: the average 1,000 word document submitted by a subscriber is edited in just 3 hours.