About Us

About Writesaver

Writesaver will help anyone write with perfect English. Whether you’re a student who needs his papers to be written in perfect, fluent English, a job seeker who needs his resumes, cover letters, and business communications to be crystal clear, or a professional who needs to communicate in English during the course of your job, Writesaver is here to help.

By getting your writing proofread by highly educated native English speakers, your documents and emails will be clearly written in fluent, perfect English.

Why use a proofreader?


Write more clearly, get more customers, earn better grades, and communicate more effectively with Writesaver.


Better jobs and more customers

Studies have shown that employees in the US who speak fluent English earn 25% more than their less fluent English speaking counterparts. Use Writesaver on your business emails, blog posts, reports, and other communications to better represent yourself and your company to the public.


Get better grades

Improve by as much as 2 full letter grades (depending on current English writing level), by proofreading your papers and essays with Writesaver. Make a better impression on peers and professors alike by writing with perfect, fluent English.


Show your intelligence

Studies have shown that those who write with English free of grammatical and vocabulary mistakes are perceived as more intelligent by others. Use Writesaver for your correspondences to customers, colleagues, and professors to present yourself and your company as professional and competent.

How it works

Submit your Document

Write, copy and paste, or upload your document into our editing tool. Once you’re sure it’s ready, hit “Submit for Proofreading”.

Track Changes as They’re Being Made

Watch as our proofreaders check your document for mistakes, and fix any errors to make your writing sound as though it were written by a native English speaker.

View your Completed Document

You’ll get a notification when our proofreaders have finished editing and double checking your document. All documents are checked twice to ensure a perfect proofread, every time. Your document is ready for you!


How long will it take to proofread my document?

We will proofread your document in a maximum of 24 hours, but most are completed much faster!

Why isn't it always free?

With Writesaver, all of your documents will be proofread and double-checked by native, American English speaking proofreaders. Since this process isn’t automated with software, our proofreaders need to make a living somehow! We make this payment as affordable as possible, and offer the lowest rates on the web. The difference between a real proofreader and a free, automated service is huge: it’s like using a real, professional, bilingual translator vs. Google Translate.

What documents should I have proofread?

The effect of good grammar and English on your professional, academic, and social interactions is well documented. If you’re currently working, we recommend using Writesaver for EVERY document that may be seen by a customer or potential customer. This includes emails, blog posts, proposals, presentations, website content, advertising and marketing messages, and just about anything else you can think of that a customer might see! You’ll be sure to see an uptick in sales, blog readership, client interactions, and customer retention, all because of better grammar. And our rates are so low, you’d be losing money by NOT having your documents double checked by an expert.

If you’re a student, we recommend having anything that will be turned in for a grade proofread. This includes papers, presentations, theses, and other assignments. Some customers also have interactions (such as emails) to professors or other students proofread as well, especially in the context of a group project, but this is less important than proofreading those crucial grade-earning papers!