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Top 10 Blogs for Learning English Online

Lisa Rodgers
Brand Author

Blogs are a great way to immerse yourself into English By reading articles written in the language, you’re practicing your English, while learning something new at the same time. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite English language blogs below. They’re guaranteed to give your English skills a boost!



The Fluent U Blog


Fluent U is one of my favorite English learning resources, and their blog covers a variety of topics, which range from lists of online resources to aid your English learning, to how to order coffee at an American restaurant. Their language learning platform is also great, presenting you with English language videos with captions, flashcards, and learning modules to help you retain your new vocabulary.


The articles are written in an informal, easy to understand style, which also makes it great for intermediate speakers looking to get more practice reading English while learning something new at the same time!



English with a Twist


One of my favorite blogs, English with a Twist has some awesome articles on learning English, with a focus on its application in business. It doesn’t just give tips on learning English, but also on things like writing resumes in English, giving presentations, and how to communicate effectively in English. It also covers commonly used idioms used in the English-speaking business world, and other must-know topics to succeed in business in English. It’s a definite must read for any business professional who needs to use English regularly! 


If you frequently use English for business, give Writesaver a try! Writesaver will help your business succeed by making sure your website content, blog articles, and business emails are all written in perfect English.



Rachel’s English


Rachel’s English is an excellent blog for improving your pronunciation in English. If you want to get rid of your accent, this is the place to start! Rachel also has an excellent Youtube channel filled with great pronunciation tips.



Grammar Girl


Grammar Girl is your one stop for all things English grammar related. If you get confused by your and you’re, or there, their, and they’re, Grammar girl is just the blog you’re looking for. They offer audio podcasts as well as blog posts on all things grammar, including difficult topics like how to use the word “only” correctly, or whether to use “fewer” or “less” in a sentence. It covers just about any grammar topic you can think of, and is a popular resource even among native English speakers.



Espresso English


Espresso English gives short, daily lessons to help teach you English. These include common problems non-native English speakers have with the English language, common phrases all English learners should know, and fun facts about English designed to help you improve your English knowledge.



Learn Real English


The Learn Real English Blog has English language idioms, tips on the TOEFL, common English phrases, and tips on English language learning.



Saundz Blog


Saundz is another great blog for learning English, with an emphasis on pronunciation. They teach common words and phrases, and you’ll even learn some slang! Perfect to get some variety in your English learning routine.



Real Life for English


These guys pull podcasts, Youtube videos, and articles to give you a fun and engaging English learning experience. Their writing style is modern and funny, and sure to keep you coming back for more. Another great way to break the monotony of vocabulary flashcards.



My English


A great blog for beginner and intermediate English speakers, has great English lessons featuring common idioms, learning strategies, and more. The writers at have a colorful and engaging speaking style, so be sure to give them a look!



Phrase Mix


Ever have trouble understanding the meaning of phrasal verbs in English? If so, phrase mix is definitely for you! In addition to English learning tips, phrase mix places special emphasis on learning common English phrases, so you’ll be able to understand these phrases and use them yourself in conversation.


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