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How to Write Kick-Ass Adwords Text Ads

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Why is it so important to create perfectly polished Adwords text? Because only super relevant and natural ads help to reach “your” customers from the very first click. Find out how to write kick-ass Adwords text ads and stand out from the crowd.


As Adwords gives you little room for text, this type of ad is more about a concise message than a creative idea. Keep in mind the limited number of characters you have for every text block:

⋅ Headline 1 – 30 characters

⋅ Headline 2 – 30 characters

⋅ Text – 80 characters

⋅ Extensions – 25 characters

⋅ Additional URL – 25 characters


This is how your ad will look in Google Search


Now that the structure is clear, let’s proceed to the fundamentals of targeting. A successful text ad is always customized to the user’s needs. You can use a free keyword research tool to improve your targeting. Consider these top 3 factors to make your Adwords text ads sound relevant.

Device. Google removed the option to create desktop/mobile-preferred ads. Instead, it launched functions that allow you to tailor one message to various devices. If you run a campaign targeting mobile/desktop/tablets, don’t forget to write multiple options of your message for users of each device.

Take a look at this example:


You can target your message by age, gender, and consumer behavior. Ideally, you should create different campaigns for each audience. However, this is expensive and time consuming. That’s where we come back to Adwords functions. They allow you to launch one campaign with multiple messages for different audiences. For example, a user who has already visited your website receives a message about a discount, while new users receive an invitation to visit the website.


This type of targeting helps to reach users with your Adwords text ads by location. Choose the country, region or even the radius around the location. Tailor your message for each area and get clicks from the right people.


A win-win Adwords ad has strong and convincing text blocks. Leave your profound ideas on your personal blog and concentrate on simple words. To make the task easier, check out our top 10 tips to write successful Adwords text ads.

Use Numbers & ASCII Characters

Numbers and ASCII characters make your ad stand out visually by splitting up text blocks. They grab the user’s attention and make him/her read the message. What’s more, ASCII characters save space for a couple of additional words. But don’t forget about Adwords requirements. Headlines such as Proofreading Service *FREE* 500 words may be rejected by moderators.

Give Proof & Credibility

Quotes from credible sources give proof to any sales message. In Google, quotes make advertising stand out from an infinite number of self-promos. If you have any endorsements from media or opinion leaders, use them immediately in your Adwords ad.

Adwords text ads credibility

Ask a Catchy Question

Another way to grab a user’s attention is to ask a question in a headline or text body. Your customer might want to find out more by clicking on the ad.

Make an Irresistible Offer

Using targeting options, you can include highly relevant offers to your Adrowds text ads. Mention services that differentiate you from other market players. Or explore consumer behavior, and give discounts or invites to loyalty programs.

Add a CTA

The number of characters is limited, so let’s cut to the chase. If you’re marketing a product, offer it directly and use a strong verb, Buy. If you’re marketing a service, tell the customer what he/she gets and invite them to try.

Add CTAs to Adwords text ads

Approach in Person

Forget about formal cliches and standard first-person manners of talking, like “we”, “me”, and “us”. Use an active voice and address your customer directly.

Be Brief

Succinct is the best adjective to describe your Adwords text. Express your message clearly in a few words. Don’t forget that numbers and ASCII may help you with this task.

Use Keywords

Adwords targets your customers based on their keyword searches. So, it’s essential to include keywords while creating your ad description. Even so, make sure they fit the text and sound natural. Users won’t click on your ad if it consists of badly disjointed keywords.

Create Extensions & Additional Links

Don’t forget to add extensions and short links to your website pages. They expand your ad with additional information, providing more reasons for clicking. Create extensions that sound relevant to your business goals and won’t confuse the user. As for links, they can lead the visitor to the pages with price, brand story, FAQ, etc.

Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Double check everything you launch online. Just keep in mind Adwords costs you money. Grammar mistakes and awkward sentence structures won’t bring you clicks from users. What’s more, the moderation of incorrect text ads takes longer, and usually you get your ad banned at the end. It’s worth submitting an ad proofread by a native speaker when the alternative is waste your time and money on rewriting and republishing.


With every new Adwords campaign, you’ll polish your writing skills. When you get experienced enough, it’ll be easy to write in simple words, create brief messages and find catchy CTAs. While you learn, use Writesaver to double check your text blocks. Professional proofreaders will help you to sound native and natural to each and every target user.


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