December 6, 2017 International Business

Win More US Business for Your Digital Marketing Firm: Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

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Struggling to win a contract with a US-based client? We’ll make it easier for you. You can find a list of tips below on how to address clients’ concerns and present your company in a positive light.

As US businesses often look abroad for marketing services, the competition is huge within the outsourcing market. The only way to win US clients is to be perfect during your very first contact with them– a written proposal and company presentation.   


Tips for your Written Proposal

In a written proposal, the US-based client is looking to address some key questions:

  • Is this agency qualified to do my marketing?
  • Is their written English good enough to trust them with my marketing activities?


Make sure to address these concerns in your pitch.

Give Case Studies from Other Projects

The US spends more on advertising per capita than any other market in the world. Business owners understand this, and want to know your firm can handle an ultracompetitive environment. To clear their doubts, highlight your best results from past projects. Give firm metrics, and links to your past clients with examples of your work.

Show Examples of English Content

US-based clients need their social media posts, PR outreach, paid ads and SEO efforts to be done in English. One of their key concerns is the quality of content they get from you. No one wants to spend all of their time proofreading content they’re already paying for. Give links a client can follow to see your perfect English content.

Highlight Your Team’s Experience

Did your content manager go to university in the UK? Or maybe your social media manager worked at an agency in New York for a summer? Whatever the case, if your team has experience working or studying in an English speaking country, mention it.

Proactively Volunteer Client Referrals

Let your potential customers contact your current ones and hear about agency’s service from someone who has experienced it. These clients should either be US-based or speak excellent English, and of course should be very happy with your company.

Write in Fluent English

How are your potential clients supposed to trust your marketing activities if your proposal is filled with English mistakes? Have a native English speaker check your proposals before sending them out. This is an easy way to stand out from the pack, and so few agencies do it!


Tips for your Presentation

A good written pitch is half of the formula for success. Be prepared to clear up the rest of your client’s doubts during the phone call or video meeting.


  • How big will the time difference be?
  • Who will I be working with?
  • Will there be communication issues?


Schedule Flexibly

Pick a time that suits the client without too much back and forth. Respond to emails promptly to show you’re easy to talk to and get a hold of. No one expects you to be available 24/7, but some of your business hours should overlap with theirs. The way you schedule the first meeting is an opportunity to show that time issues won’t be a problem.

Present the Team

Let the client meet everyone who’ll be working on their project. The US-based customer will appreciate the chance to ask team members about their experience and project approach.


Let the Best Speaker Lead

If you’re the CEO of a digital marketing agency, but one of your account managers is a much better English speaker, let them lead. No time for egos! By all means kick off the call, introduce yourself, be available for questions, and add input where necessary. But you need the client to be 100% comfortable during the talk.

What’s more, consider putting your best English-speaking account manager on all of your US-based projects, as this is the person your future client will be interacting the most with.


Now you know the key concerns US-based businesspeople have when hiring an outsourced agency. Give examples of your work in English and be friendly and flexible to close more leads and win new business.


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